1979 - Brenda Russell
So Good, So Right
In The Thick Of It
If Only For One Night
Way Back When
A Little Bit Of Love
You're Free
Think It Over
God Bless You
1981 - Love Life
Love Life
Something I Like To Do
Sensitive Man
Deep Dark And Mysterious
If You Love(The One You Lose)
Thank You
1983 - Two Eyes
I Want Love To Find Me
It's Something
Hello People
Two Eyes
Stay Close
New York Bars
I'll See You Again
Look Down, Young Soldier
1988 - Get Here
Just A Believer
Piano in the Dark
This Time I Need You
Make My Day
Le Restaurant
Midnight Eyes
2000 - Paris Rain
Ideal World
She's In Love
Catch On
Walking' In New York
Love And Paris Rain
Expect A Miracle
Please Felipe
You Can't Hide Your Heart From Me
Move The Moon
Something About YourLove
Baby Eyes
2004 - Between The Sun And The Moon
Make You Smile
Too Cool For The Room
The Message
Between The Sun And The Moon
I Know You By Heart
When You Come Back To Me
Let Somebody Know
The Tracks Of My Tears
Different Eyes
Ain't No Smoke
You Know Our Day Will Come
It's A Jazz Day
Get Here