1989 - Affection


This Is The Right Time
Mighty Love
The Love In Me
All Around The World
What Did I Do to You?
Live Together
You Can't Deny It
When Are You Coming Back?
Wake Up Baby
The Way You Want It

1991 - Real Love


Real Love
Set Your Loving Free
I Will Be Waiting
All Woman
Soul Deep
Make Love to Ya
Time to Make You Mine
Symptoms of Loneliness & Heartache
It's Got to Be Real
First Joy
A Little More Love 
When You're Gone
Everything Will Get Better 

1993 - So Natural


So Natural
Never Set Me Free
I Give You Everything
Marvellous & Mine
Little Bit of Heaven
Sweet Memories
She's Always There
Too Much Love Makin'
Turn Me On
Be Mine
In All the Right Places
Wish It Could Always Be This Way

1997 - Lisa Stansfield


Never Gonna Fall
The Real Thing
I'm Leavin'
Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
Don't Cry for Me
The Line
The Very Thought of You
You Know How to Love Me
I Cried My Last Tear Last Night
Somewhere in Time
Got Me Missing You

2001 - Face Up


I've Got Something Better
Let's Just Call It Love
You Can Do That 
How Could You?
I'm Coming to Get You
Wish on Me
Don't Leave Now I'm in Love
Didn't I
Face Up
When the Last Sun Goes Down

2004 - The Moment


Treat Me Like a Woman
When Love Breaks Down
Say It to Me Now
He Touches Me
Lay Your Hands on Me
The Moment 
If I Hadn't Got You
Take My Heart 
Love Without a Name
Takes a Woman to Know 
2014 - Seven
Can't Dance
So Be It
Stupid Heart
The Crown
Picket Fence
The Rain
Carry On
Love Can
You Can't Deny It" (24/7)
Set Your Loving Free (Live in Manchester)
Time to Make You Mine (Live in Manchester)
Someday (I'm Coming Back) (Live in Manchester)