1992 - What's The 411?


Leave a Message
Real Love
You Remind Me
Intro Talk (feat. Busta Rhymes)
Sweet Thing
Love No Limit
I Don't Want to Do Anything (feat. K-Ci)
Slow Down
My Love
Changes I've Been Going Through
What's the 411? (feat. Grand Puba)

1994 - My Life


Mary Jane (All Night Long)
You Bring Me Joy
Marvin Interlude
I'm The Only Woman
K. Murray Interlude
My Life
You Gotta Believe
I Never Wanna Live Without You
I'm Going Down
My Life Interlude
Be With You
Mary's Joint
Don't Go
I Love You
No One Else
Be Happy

1997 - Share My World


I Can Love You
Love Is All We Need
Round and Round
Share My World
Share My World
Seven Days
It's On
Thank You Lord
Missing You
Keep Your Head
Can't Get You Off My Mind
Get To Know You Better
Our Love
Not Gon' Cry

1998 - The Tour


Real Love
You Remind Me
Sweet Thing
Mary Jane (All Night Long)
Love No Limit
Summer Madness
My Life
You Gotta Believe
Slow Down
Mary's Joint
I'm the Only Woman
Share My World
I'm Goin' Down
Thank You Lord
I Can Love You
Keep Your Head (with Dustin Adams)
Seven Days
Not Gon' Cry
Missing You
Day Dreaming
Misty Blue

1999 - Mary


All That I Can Say (featuring Lauryn Hill)
Sexy (featuring Jadakiss)
Deep Inside (featuring Elton John) 
Beautiful Ones
I'm in Love
Don't Waste Your Time (duet with Aretha Franklin)
Not Lookin' (duet with K-Ci Hailey)
Your Child
No Happy Holidays
The Love I Never Had
Give Me You (featuring Eric Clapton) 
Let No Man Put Asunder

2001 - No More Drama


Family Affair
Steal Away
Crazy Games
No More Drama
Keep It Movin'
Where I've Been
Beautiful Day
Dance For Me
Flying Away
Never Been
In The Meantime
Forever No More

2003 - Love & Life


Love & Life Intro
Don't Go
When We
Not Today
Finally Made It (Interlude)
Let Me Be The 1
Love @ 1st Sight
Willing & Waiting
Free (Interlude)
Press On
Feel Like Makin' Love
It's A Wrap
Message In Our Music (Interlude)
All My Love
Special Part Of Me
Ultimate Relationship (A.M.)

2005 - The Breakthrough


No One Will Do
Enough Cryin (com Brook Lynn)
About You (com Nina Simone & will.i.am)
Be Without You
Gonna Breakthrough (com Brook Lynn)
Good Woman Down
Take Me as I Am
Can't Hide from Luv (com Jay-Z)
MJB da MVP (com 50 Cent)
Can't Get Enough
Ain't Really Love
I Found My Everything (com Raphael Saadiq)
Father in You
Alone (com Dave Young)
One (com U2)

2007 - Growing Pains


Work That
Grown Woman (com Ludacris)
Just Fine
Feel Like a Woman
Stay Down
Hurt Again
Shake Down (com Usher)
Till the Morning
Fade Away
What Love Is
Work in Progress (Growing Pains)
Talk to Me
If You Love Me?
Come to Me (Peace)

2009 - Stronger With Each Tear


The One (featuring Drake)
Said and Done
Good Love (featuring T.I.)
I Feel Good
I Am
Each Tear
I Love U (Yes I Du)
We Got Hood Love (featuring Trey Songz)
In the Morning

2011 - My Life II...The Journey Continues (Act 1)


Feel Inside (featuring Nas)
Midnight Drive (featuring Brook Lynn)
Next Level (featuring Busta Rhymes)
Ain't Nobody
Don't Mind
No Condition
Mr. Wrong (featuring Drake)
Why (featuring Rick Ross)
Love a Woman (featuring Beyoncé)
Empty Prayers
Need Someone
The Living Proof